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The Beauti Plug was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio. Since she was a little girl she has always enjoyed playing in her dolls hair and dressing them up. It didn't stop at the doll babies. She loved doing these things so much she was constantly in her mothers closet playing dress up and even sneaking away to school with her mothers lipstick and other makeup products. When The Beauti Plug  was just 6 years old she experienced a life changing moment after playing salon all day at her cousins house. She was hungry and decided to eat a bowl of cereal and on the same table she ate the cereal sat a lit candle which caught onto the flammable products in her hair. Luckily that fire did not burn Trai'Shaun's scalp or face and her hair eventually grew back. In the mean time her mother took her to the wig store to purchase her first wig to wear until her hair was long enough to braid in cornrows. With all of this happening in her life it seemed to be destined for her to become a expert in the beauty industry one day.
Trai'Shaun was fortunate to grow up in a city where the local high school offered cosmetology as a course and even allowed the students who completed the program to go on to state board and gain a cosmetology license upon graduation. When she went to take her exam she actually failed on her written exam the first attempt. She did not let this discourage her, and returned one month later even more prepared and with less nerves and passed with flying colors. 
Trai'Shaun loved her cosmetology experience and it helped her dream bigger about the life she desired. She was determined to become a salon owner one day, and she never imagined that she would start the journey of being a CEO in her hometown of Mansfield.
Trai'Shaun is the proud owner of iSlay Beauty Clinic. She decided to open a beauty clinic that would help people who are in need of non surgical hair and body sculpting. For more information about iSlay Beauty Clinic 

Outside of the hair industry The Beauty Plug is passionate about helping people look and feel beautiful inside and out so she also teaches group fitness classes at and can be booked for coaching if you need someone to help you get on track with your entrepreneur goals, wellness goals, or beauty goals! 
To book The Beauti Plug for Speaking Engagements, please contact