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Full Moon Yoni/Lingam Steam


THE YONI or LINGAM STEAM detoxifies and rejuvenates.

Our hip bath system of cleansing the Yoni  has become a popular form of self care  due to its potential health benefits. This specialized beautiful steaming approach focuses on cleansing the vagina. This type of services aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance,  milder pms/menopause symptoms and a healthy menstrual cycle. For men It aids in relaxing tense muscles and/or inflammation. 

Yoni = Herbal hip bath for Women

Lingam =  Herbal hip bath for Men

The Full Moon Ritual is very intentional in releasing things from our body that we no longer want to be attached to. 
In this process we write down what we intend to release while sitting on the steam. After we are finished steaming we take those papers and fold and burn them releasing those thing back to the ethers. 

The releasing ritual is good for anyone feeling stagnant, unproductive, emotionally drained, stressed, fearful, depressed, or any other low vibrational thoughts and emotions about self. 

Many have finished this experience feeling lighter, and refreshed with a renewed intention to love thyself and life’s challenges no matter what’s happening.  

To book a session please select the deposit option for Male or Female with date of the full moon you’d like to Steam.

Most sessions begin at 7pm and 11pm and last about 1.5 hours. There are 2 days you can book, the evening before the actually date or the evening of as both days either start or end with the same full moon energy.  





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