Yoni Steam herbal cleanse & Palo Santo

Yoni Steam herbal cleanse & Palo Santo

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Herbal vaginal steaming is an ancient practice known to be deeply nourishing and supportive for women as a part of many rituals for connecting with the wisdom that resides in the womb, for cleansing, tonifying, and healing our sacred heart center.

The Medicine:

Medicinal steam from the healing herbs warms the inner and outer organs, which helps increase circulation to both the vagina and womb. This increased blood can result in a number of things:

  • It can help rejuvenate the reproductive system through fresh blood supply.
  • It can bring vitality to the internal and external vaginal tissue (think about how great the skin on your face looks after a facial massage — that’s the increased blood flow, and the same thing happens with our vulvas)
  • It can make for greater sensations during sex due to the increase in blood flow.
  • It can carry the medicinal herbs even farther into the body, deep into the pelvic tissue, cervix, womb, and vagina.
  • For new mamas, the increased circulation can help speed up tissue repair necessary after any damage done during labor. *Authors note here, in most Southern and Central American cultures, yoni-steams are done very soon after the birth for healing and toning. In American culture we seldom honor the world-wide ancient wisdom of keeping new mothers warm and moist, massaged with oils, bound with cloths, and her yoni steamed.

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